Planning a cruise vacation is not just about the cruise; it’s about making sure each component of the travel experience fulfills your client’s needs and surpasses their expectations. For most cruisers, securing transportation before and after the cruise is one of the most important and necessary parts of the travel planning experience – however, it is one of the most overlooked and unplanned segments.

Unless your clients live in the city that their cruise is sailing from, they will need transportation from the airport to the ship on the day they’re set to sail, and on the day the cruise ends and it’s time to return home. Securing adequate transportation for your guests can be an arduous, and expensive process. While the cruise line offers transportation services to its guests, there is one significant drawback with booking those transfers with the cruise line – they DON’T pay commission to travel agents for transfers.

~Here’s why Portransfer.com is the BEST choice for your cruise planning process~

Portransfer.com is a uniquely designed service where quality service and guest satisfaction is our top priority. We aim to be partners with travel agents by doing the hard work for them, and creating the opportunity for them to earn additional income. By us handling the arrangements of getting the guests to and from the ship, travel agents can focus more on what they do best: selling to and servicing their clients.

What we offer is not a taxi service, but rather a ground transportation service providing the same level of quality and service that cruise lines offer. We’re able to do that for a specific reason – Portransfer.com uses the same travel transportation companies as the cruise lines!